This course is designed to build a solid foundation and understanding of the pet bathing profession. An intense curriculum in theory plus extensive “hands on program” provides an invaluable working of all breed pet-bathing techniques.

Class PB1
Introduction to Pet Grooming – History & Orientation to the Profession

An overview of the history and grooming of various breeds. Students are introduced to the various work settings in the field and investigate possible work environments that best meet their needs and desires.

Class PB2
Breed Recognition

A general introduction to the 125 breeds officially recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Class PB3
Grooming Tools/Products/Equipment

This class covers the purchasing of the proper equipment needed from grooming tables to brushes. An emphasis on ergonomic shop design is covered.

Class PB4
Pet Handling and First Aid

The objective of the class is to cover work related injuries and how to avoid them.

Class PB5
Bathing Techniques

Students are taught the fundamentals and techniques of the bather/brusher phase of grooming to produce a professionally groomed pet. The student will perform the bathing skills learned and bathe between 6-10 dogs in a regular business day.

Professional Pet Bather Program Cost:
Application Fee           $100.00

Tuition                        $1,500.00